The pastor of my church ate me very tasty

The pastor of my church ate me very tasty

My name is Ana, I am 36 years old, I have been married for 14 years to Mário and I confess that I love reading the reports here on the site and I wanted to send mine too and it all started when I moved with my husband to São Paulo.

I was always evangelical and always followed the word, and after the move I started going to another church near my home and I went religiously every day after picking up my children from school.

My husband is a truck driver and sometimes spends a lot of time away from home, I was always needy, since the sex between us was always lukewarm, but for the others who saw our relationship we were always a happy couple, but little did they know that I needed more.

One day a 40-year-old pastor arrived, tall, with gray hair, a beautiful one and I loved his preaching, he spoke things that entered directly into the soul and I started to have a platonic passion for him and one day I noticed that he looked at me differently also, despite being married.

After a long time of exchanging glances, of hugs full of ulterior motives and conversations full of indirect, he one day invited me to talk about a social project he was wanting to do, I took it and we went to lunch together at his house, which was near the church and there the pastor excused me and said he was going to change clothes, but to my surprise he left the door open and I could see that handsome man in his underwear and I noticed the huge volume of the stick and the bag.

I was ashamed of my thoughts, feeling sinful, but every day that passed I got closer to Pastor Junior and reported a lot to him, it was like a kind of counselor to me and I told him that my marriage was not going well, that I was getting ready but my husband no longer praised me, that he was harsh with me, didn’t look for me to give affection and etc.

At that time the pastor took my hand, kissed it and said that I deserved something better and that we hadn’t met by chance, that it was all a plan of the creator, so he gave me a tight hug that made my body very horny and I was embarrassed because I shivered, my breasts were stiff and he realized, because at the time he laughed.

I left and I couldn’t stop thinking about that man, my husband that night came looking for me to have sex and when he was eating me I just prayed to finish, I never felt anything in that 14 years, but I felt a lot of desire for the new pastor, until a one day a church event happened and i was helping.

I ended up going to the motel with him

We finished late and Júnior offered to take me home, but I saw that he was going the other way and asked, then he replied that I was going to enjoy it and when I realized we were going to a motel.

At the motel I was very shy, he kissed me hot and I left him feeling sinful, but that man touching my body made me crazy, and he was taking off my clothes, kissing me and when he took off my bra he sucked my breasts and for the first time in life I felt real pleasure and let myself go.

He told me not to worry because you had a plan for everything and he was on a mission to improve the lives of women and he laid me on the bed, took off my panties, sniffed, licked, which made me uncomfortable and then lay on on top of me.

When I felt his huge cock I almost cried, I was pushing his hips, asking to go slow but he looked like an animal in heat, he held my hands and started to force me while talking like I am hot, that I had a very tight pussy and she doesn’t know how my husband didn’t eat right, that he was going to make me come tasty and that he was going to come inside me so I could feel the hot milk of a real male.

I lost count of how many hours we spent there, I was not used to giving, my pussy was all sore and he stopped a little and came to suck me and I confess to you that it was the first time I let someone suck me and it was a delight, for the first time in my life I came and I didn’t even know I had, I only knew it because he told me later.

He sat on the bed, made me ride on his dick, I was awkwardly trying, he caught me around the waist and was guiding me how to do it, then he put me on all fours and punched me hard, that dick almost hitting my uterus, I was feeling like a whore, a sinner, a criminal, but it was so good that I just asked for forgiveness and couldn’t stop, until he came inside my pussy and worse than that day he didn’t even use a condom.



After we lay, we exchanged kisses and caresses, until he asked if he had already sucked a dick and I said no, that my husband was very conservative and I was disgusted, but he said I would like it and asked with a face for me to take his dick.

I touched his dick, I started to jerk off very awkwardly, but he took my hand and showed me how he liked it and when his dick was very hard, this man made me stick everything in my mouth, I choked and I almost choked, but he wanted me to suck so I sucked it until I got a jet of cum right in my mouth and swallowed it all.

Then we went home and I kept feeling like giving it to him again and every time my husband traveled I went to the motel with the pastor, but in this little game I ended up getting pregnant and luckily it was at a time that my husband was in home and we had relationships, but I always knew it was Junior’s, I told him and we decided to keep it a secret so as not to cause a controversy in our community and in our weddings.

No Acampamento De Pesca

Tenho 25 anos, fui mãe cedo e no meu segundo casamento devido a pouca atenção do Meu marido, comecei ter um caso com outro cara que no meu tempo de solteiro já tínhamos sido amantes.

Ele é casado como eu também. Ele adora pescar, então fomos até o acampamento de pesca dele, chegando de camionete lá ele abriu as porta e tirou o pau pra fora, e sem mentira era um mega pauzão, chupei deixando ele totalmente excitado, logo ele me coloco de quatro no banco E ele de pé pro lado de fora me comia loucamente, ficava aquela piroca gigante bem no fundo eu gemia como uma vadia, chupava minha buceta e me masturbava com a língua, entrei em euforia de excitação.

Depois de trepar por vários minutos ele já louco pra gozar pediu pra chupar aquele pau, assim o fiz, ele batia aquela piroca na Minha cara e me chamava de vagabundos gostosa, eu super excitada mandei ele gozar na minha cara, derrepente ele encheu meu rosto de porra quentinha.

Adoro nossos momentos, daqui uns dias vamos nos encontrar e conto pra vocês como foi.

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